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58-Piece Dowry Service

Dorin 58-Piece Dowry Service consists of the most practical items. We have chosen the products of this dowry service based on accurate market analysis, so that a wide range of dowry service buyers are completely satisfied with the items of this service. In the following, you can get to know the complete items of Homeket’s Dorin Dowry Service.

Color scheme of Dorin Dowry Service

Pastel pink – Gray – Vanilla – White

The advantages of Dorin Dowry Service

Very high quality products – Include the most practical items – Appropriate price range

Unique features

It includes the most practical items.

Product design



List of dowry service items >>

1 large rice-washing Lilly bowl

1 sink pan size 4

1 sink pan size 3

1 sink pan size 2

1 sink colander size 4

1 sink colander size 3

1 sink colander size 2

1 lock breadbox No. 2

1 Maya toilet brush

1 large two-color Victoria chopping board

1 powder container

Violet lidded bowl set (including three Violet lidded bowls)

6 bread and vegetables baskets, size 1

March square freezer set

6 large rotating clothes hangers

1 fantasy pan

1 fantasy pan

1 small steel-base fruit basket

1 Maya double-walled trash bin

1 juicer

1 carpet sweeper

1 kitchen strainer basket

Funnel set (including two funnels)

1 carpet brush

1 Maya dual lid picnic basket

1 Liza hanging spoon holder

Maya long handle broom and dustpan set (including two broom and dustpan pieces)

Maya clothes basket

1 24-cm Jasmine patterned stool

12 clothes clips

1 three-piece spoon holder